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Take your time back! Workout from home with fast and effective online, individually designed, convenient workouts.  Now you can find YOUR best self. Whether you are looking to improve your golf game or lose weight,  these workouts are for you! Learn easy-to-use strategies for ultimate health and fitness.

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What is Online Personal Training?

Fifty percent of people are intimidated by the gym and more believe they don't have enough time.
What if you don't have to spend hours in the gym each week and could get fast & effective workouts done in 20-30 minutes?

Online personal training allows you to have workouts at your fingertips through a premium fitness app. Now you have the convenience of workouts available anytime.

These workouts are designed for at home and can be done at the gym if you choose. “How to” videos are provided for each exercise. Because of the app, you have a coach for encouragement and accountability.

My approach is simple and is a no-nonsense way to healthy eating, mindset, and exercise.  No fad dieting or crazy exercising.

Everybody is busy these days so keeping everything as easy and quick as possible is what makes these programs GREAT.

To get the fastest success for weight loss, there are 4 pillars to success: Mindset, Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep. When you tackle these 4 categories, you will see results! This is where I can help you!

My approach is simple and is a no-nonsense way to healthy eating, mindset, and exercise.

Schedule your 30-minute Wellness Call to see which program is the right fit for you!

Online Personal Training Packages

If you are looking to improve your golf game or to lose weight then one of these programs is for YOU! It’s time for you to feel great about you.

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Golf Fitness Training

The Golf Fitness Training is geared to improve your golf game.  Improve your strength, balance, and coordination to take your golf game to the next level.

90 day challenge

90-Day Challenge

The 90-Day Challenge is a great way to get you back into exercise or give you a new challenge.  Fast & effective workouts saves you time.

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VIP Training

The VIP Online Personal Training provides weekly personalized workouts, mindset coaching, and nutritional guidelines.

online group personal training

Online Group Training
This is a Facebook group setting with follow-along videos, weekly challenges, recipes, and weekly exercise accountability.  Perfect for someone new to exercise.

JT Fitness and Golf

Your success is what is most important.  There are 3 pillars to your success.  The first one, and believe it or not, the most important is your mindset.  When you get your mindset where it needs to be, the exercise and eating healthy are pretty easy.  Get started with a 30-minute wellness call to find out which package is right for you.

About Janis

Hi! I’m Janis Thornton. I help women and men empower themselves to reach their fullest potential for their health and wealth. I believe by achieving a sense of balance and worth through healthy living- physically and emotionally- we can all find our best lives from the inside out.

As an avid golfer, I am always looking to improve my golf game.  Improving strength, balance, and coordination has helped my game tremendously, so now it's time to share with YOU!

I also use my expertise as a fitness consultant, holistic health coach, and personal trainer to help women and men all over the country achieve just that. From living without prescription drugs to losing weight, or finding a more holistic approach to their every day lives, I want you to feel as confident about yourself as you can. Anytime. Anywhere.


Gotta Love to Tabata Workout

Spend less time working out! If you could spend less time in the gym or working out at home, would you do it?  You can with a Tabata workout! Tabata workouts are fast and effective, get the heart rate up (and yes, you are doing strength training) so you are building strength.  Tabata training is …

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Do You Have a Diet Mentality or Health Mentality?

Do you have a DIET Mentality or Health Mentality? One stalls your success and one frees you for complete success. Which one do you want? Let’s look at the words Diet and Health. Breakdown the word D I E T. The first 3 letters spell DIE. Now, look at H E A L T H …

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Travel and Exercise Tips

These travel and exercise tips will help you whether you are traveling for business or pleasure because making the time to workout is very important.  When we travel, we are thrown for a loop and easily taken out of our routine. This is where travel is great because it does get us out of our …

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How Your Alarm Clock Can Change How You Wake Up

  You are ready to ROCK Working Out! This may be one of the greatest workout tips you’ll get to help with motivation. You are ready and motivated to start your exercise program and you’ve decided you’re getting up first thing in the morning to workout.  Let’s say….4:45am it is!  Because you are looking for …

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How to Practice Self-Love

Everyday should be a self-love day!   Unfortunately, loving ourselves is one of the hardest things to do! It doesn’t matter what day or month it is….practice self-love! The first week is all about YOU!  It’s about what you love about YOU! In my last blog, the love opportunity for the week was to write down …

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Self-Love. Are You Doing This?

How much self-love do you give yourself?   It is amazing how people talk to themselves.  Have you ever really listened to how you talk to you? “I’m fat”, “I don’t like _______”, “I am not good enough for ______” etc. Think about it…would you say what you say to you, to your best friend?  …

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