Do You Need a Reboot with Your Fitness Plan?

The #1 New Year’s Resolution:  Weight Loss.

Was this one of your goals this year?  Are you reaching your weight loss goals or do you need a reboot?

March is here and that means swimsuit season is right around the corner.  Are you ready?

If not, let’s get you rebooted!

When we start a new health kick, it is human nature to try and change everything all at once.  One of the best things we can do is take things slow and take baby steps along the way.

These baby steps allow you to make the changes that you are looking for and not feel overwhelmed at the same time.

Whatever amount of weight you want to lose, remember you didn’t put it on all in one night or one month.  Don’t plan on taking it all off in 1 month either.

Lifestyle change is a marathon, not a sprint!

Let’s reboot your fitness plan:

1.  Think about what you are gaining!

Skip thinking about the 30 pounds you want to lose.  That scale is not always our friend.

You may have a day where you feel amazing, you can tell you are smaller, and your clothes fit better.  You are ready to rock the scale!

Then… you step on the dreaded scale. The number isn’t what you are looking for!

You think…. “How can this be?  I’ve been eating healthy and exercising!!”

Now, bad thoughts creep in your head about “why am I trying to be healthy?”

“I give up!”  “I’ve been so good!”

This is where you need to think about the things that you are gaining!


  1. You feel stronger
  2. Your clothes fit better
  3. You have more energy
  4. You sleep better at night
  5. You can do more in your workouts…….

The list goes on and on.

You get the point!

2. Fire up your competitive juices!

Staying motivated with exercise can be a challenge at times.  Find a workout partner and pick an event the 2 of you can train to do.  Find a 5K, 10K, color run that you’d like to walk or run in.

Use a Fitbit or some type of tracker and compete against others.

3.  Ditch the “all or nothing attitude.”

This is a HUGE one.  To develop exercise and healthy eating into a daily habit, it’s all about the baby steps!  Set small goals each week.  Now, don’t get too excited and set 20 different small goals.  J

Focus on 1 or 2 things you want to change.

Ideas for small goals:

  1. Drinking 64 oz water/day
  2. Scheduling in 3 workouts for the week.
  3. Parking your car farther away and walking
  4. Taking the stairs whenever possible
  5. Adding more protein into your meals as well as snacks
  6. Decrease how much you sit at your desk
  7. Take a small walk around the office throughout the day
  8. Break into a set of squats while at your desk
  9. Add more fruits and veggies as snacks instead of the vending machine.
  10. Start drinking Green Tea instead of coffee (both have caffeine).

Remember, these are lifestyle changes and they don’t happen overnight.

It’s OK if you feel like you fell off the wagon for a day or two.

Giddy up and hop back on!

4.  Reward Yourself

This is a big one!  When you reach a goal, reward yourself with a non-food gift.

Let’s say you work out 3 or 4 times this week (whatever your goal is for the week).  YES!  Be so proud.  Download a few songs to your playlist.  There is nothing better than new music to your playlists.

Maybe you’ve reached your 10-pound weight loss goal!  Congrats!    Now it’s time for a new workout top or tights.  Whatever is going to make you happy!  These rewards help keep you motivated.

5.  Forget Punishment

How do you look at exercise?  Is it a reward for you or a punishment?

Exercise is a REWARD!

This is where you focus on how you feel when you exercise!  Are you feeling stronger, firmer, more powerful, accomplished, and sexy?  Focus on this stuff!

When you find exercise that you enjoy doing, it is so easy to get it done!

Exercise doesn’t have to be just walking on the treadmill (how boring is that anyway).

Find a class you enjoy, go for a hike, lift weights, swim, play tennis or basketball.  Whatever it is you enjoy – start doing it.  Then exercise will feel like a reward.

6.  Chase Quality, Not Quantity

Time and time again, people will say “I’m doing 250 push-ups and sit-ups each day.”  My question is…what is the quality of those push-ups and sit-ups?

You will have better results by doing 20 high-quality push-ups than 250 bad ones.

Make your workouts count and concentrate on the muscles you are working during the workout.  There is a mind-body connection to working out.  You will have far better results when you focus.

Imagine being able to workout in less time with fast and effective workouts!  It can be done.

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