Is Clutter Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Success?

Imagine having clutter or “stuff” everywhere.  There are piles of clutter on counters, tables, desks, and the floor.  What do you do with all of this clutter?  Can this “clutter” be affecting your weight loss success?  YES it can!

What does your kitchen look like?  Do you have space to think about meal prepping and cooking?  If your kitchen looks something like this, the clutter in your house will be sabotaging any type of weight loss success.

Cluttered Kitchen

Think about it… can you get anything done in a kitchen that looks like this.  There is no space to even think about any type of meal prep or planning.

Holy cow!

Your choice of food in this situation is most likely a boxed (highly processed) lunch or dinner to pop in the microwave.  Maybe you go grab something and bring it home.  Most likely it will be something convenient.  Again….it may not be the healthiest.

This is self-sabotage.  Processed foods definitely do not help with any type of weight loss.

There is something that you can do about this!  There still is hope.

A Few Reasons Why Clearing Clutter May Help You Lose Weight.

  • Physical clutter will clutter your mind. Your mind can’t settle down to actually focus on the task at hand.

What do you do? Stop and clean the desk/area.  This allows you to free up your mind so you can actually think.  You will feel so much lighter and more productive when you have less clutter surrounding you.  You actually have a chance to get something done.

  • Clutter increases Stress! There is a simple formula when there is too much clutter!

Increased Clutter = Increased Stress = Increase Hormone Levels (Cortisol) = Increase in Eating = WEIGHT GAIN!

Respect what stress does to your body.

  • Clutter Clogs Energy in Your Body – if you hold on to too much physical “stuff”, your energy can be zapped. It is amazing how great it feels to get rid of stuff that no longer serves you.

Clogged Energy = Decreased Energy

Decreased Energy Will Dampen Your Mood.

Can you see why it is important to get rid of clutter and “stuff”?

How does your past affect you?

What are you holding on to from your past?  There are going to be great things from your past that you have and then bad things from the past.  Anything that is tied to bad things in your past – get rid of that crap immediately!

Were you overweight as a kid?  Are there things that you are holding on to that remind you of being overweight?

Definitely get rid of those things quickly.  They serve ZERO purpose for you.  Do you collect pigs, cows, hippos, etc.?  Maybe it’s time to get rid of things that give you a constant reminder of being fat.

If you have “things” that make you feel sad, then it’s time to get rid of them.  Life is about feeling happy.

When you get rid of those “things” – you will feel so much better.  You can then move forward!

Have you ever noticed how great it feels when you clean an area of your house? You’ve cleared negative energy from your body.  You will feel energized!  Promise!

What Can You do?

  • Celebrate your successes when you start clearing away that clutter! Celebrate daily accomplishments you achieved for the day!  Celebrate with buying a new song to a playlist, go for a walk,  or go to a movie.  Do something fun.
  • Take small steps in clearing the clutter away. It can be a very daunting task to clear a huge area.  Start small.  Start with ½ the counter, a drawer, a small closet.  Small projects will lead you to the big picture.

How to Even Get Started DeCluttering! 

Making a list of what needs to be done is very helpful.  Put the Project name at the top of the page and create a list of baby steps to get that project done.

Here is an example:

Clean Kitchen Counter/Area (Goal:  only certain appliances can be on the counter – or whatever you want this to be).  It’s time to find a home for everything.

  • Get trash bags ready
  • Get 3 bins. One for trash, donate, keep.  It’s time to decide what gets thrown away, donated or kept.  Remember….if it’s a magazine that is over a month old or mail that you haven’t really looked at – THROW IT AWAY OR RECYCLE.  YOU AREN’T GOING TO LOOK AT IT!  PROMISE! (Unless it’s a bill).
  • Clean around sink
  • Clean around stove
  • Clean Chairs off
  • Clean Sitting Area Counter
  • Clean Out Files Sitting on Counter
  • Clean out Refrigerator of expired/moldy foods

When you break the project up into smaller steps it is so much easier to complete the project and feel accomplished.

When you can clear this external clutter, you help clear clutter from your brain!  When your brain can think and have less stress, your body can start functioning at a higher level.

Our external environment is a mirror of our internal mind.  If your mind is always cluttered, most likely your external area is cluttered also.  When you can clear the external area, your mind becomes more relaxed.  Your body will be more relaxed and guess what, weight may start coming off.

Take the 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge!

There is a rule….if you haven’t used the product or worn a clothing item in the past 6-12 months, most likely it can be donated or thrown away.  Be objective about this.  Take the emotion out of the cleaning process.  To be very blunt:  It is “stuff.”

  1. Empty out one junk drawer. Purge what you do not use.
  2. Purge your closet of the things you no longer wear. If you haven’t worn the item in the past 6 months it’s time to donate!
  3. Go through your movie collection. Are you really going to watch that movie from 10 years ago?
  4. Clean out your television stand. Old remotes?  Get rid of them.
  5. Go through your mail pile
  6. Clean off your kitchen table
  7. Purge two kitchen cabinets
  8. Discard old books
  9. Clean out your wallet
  10. Clean out your purse
  11. Purge your makeup drawer/bag
  12. Clean out empty/almost empty containers in the shower
  13. Purge your bathroom cabinets
  14. Go through your family’s shoes (donate those that don’t fit)
  15. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets
  16. Organize your linen closet. Keep 2, maybe 3 sets of sheets/bed.
  17. Purge your medicine cabinet. See if there is a place in your area to dispose of expired medicine. If not, put expired medicine in with kitty litter.  Make the medications undesirable.
  18. Go through your freezer and dump old items
  19. Clear off your kitchen counters
  20. Empty another junk drawer
  21. Go through your fridge and dump old items
  22. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets
  23. Get rid of unused accessories (jewelry, hats, etc.)
  24. Clean out your car
  25. Discard kids unused toys
  26. Organize toys that are left
  27. Go through board games and electronic games – donate unused
  28. Organize and discard cleaning supplies not being used
  29. Purge 2 more kitchen cabinets
  30. Celebrate and Clean! Get your newly organized home all sparkle.

Here is a 30 day De-Clutter Calendar for you……

30 day clutter

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