How to Improve your Exercise Attitude for the better!

“I hate exercise!”  How many of you say that?

“I LOVE exercise!!” How many of you say that?

What is the difference between the two – REALLY?

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It all boils down to exercise mindset.  What is going to get you motivated to exercise on a regular basis?  It’s all about shifting your thinking.

Many people have tried to exercise and find they didn’t like it.  Others say they just don’t have the time.  Some people can’t see the value in exercise.

There are a plethora of reasons why you should exercise on a regular basis.  That I’m passing on today.  Today’s post is about Exercise Mindset.  This is 1 or 3 blog posts on this subject.

What can you do to start exercising on a regular basis?

  1.  Establish your “Why”. Your why should make you cry!  Just saying, “I want to lose 25 pounds” isn’t going to keep you motivated with exercise.

    How about…I want to lose 25 pounds, so I gain more confidence about myself.  When I have more confidence, this will lead to me being better at work and with my family.  Because of this, my family will be happier and healthier.  My family will grow up in a healthier environment which potentially will lead to greater success for my kids.  I will also have a better relationship with my spouse.

Do you see the difference in the 2 statements?  DIG DEEP!

  1. Set realistic expectations! Rome was not built overnight.  It is such a wonder why people think they should be able to lose 30 pounds in 30 days.  You didn’t put the weight on in 30 days!

    Setting obtainable and measurable goals is the key.  A good example:  “I want to do 3-4 days/week of weight training over the next 8 weeks to build strength.  By reducing my processed food intake 4-5 days/week, I plan on losing 10 pounds over 8 weeks.”

  2. Leave the “all-or-nothing” attitude behind.  When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, think of it as a journey.  You are aiming for progress, not perfection.  Learn to let things go!  Be excited when you get your workouts in.  Over time, this becomes a habit!

Get yourself started today!  

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