Making Exercise a Habit, Part 2

We all can get in our own way when it comes to our success.

It doesn’t even matter what we are trying to be successful in….it can be work, family, exercise, weight loss, playing sports…how we think about things affects our outcome.

It’s all about changing the way we think about things and that fits for exercise also!

In case you missed the Part 1 of this series, you can check it out here.

Your mindset about exercise is critical in being successful.

Here is video #2 – Click here.

3 More Exercise Tips to Lead You to Success!

Have fun with what you are doing! When you find activities that you can enjoy, you are more apt to get it done!

Now….there are some days I wake up and I DO NOT WANT TO EXERCISE!  It happens to all of us.  This is where you have to dig deep, go to your why (check out video #1) to get yourself motivated.

When you make your exercise fun… are more apt to get going. And focus on how exercise makes you feel!  I LOVE the way I feel after a workout.  There is tons of energy, a feeling of accomplishment, my mind thinks better, and I’m more motivated to conquer the day.

Exercise is a reward, not a punishment.  Be thankful that you are capable of doing exercise.  Value and love how your body feels while you are exercising.

Love the Process. Life is a journey and marathon.  Life is not a sprint.  Sure, there are ups and downs, however, enjoy the journey.  You’ll have a great story in the end!

You will end up inspiring others with your exercise success and helping others achieve their goals. When you can focus on living a healthy lifestyle as a journey and marathon, it’s easier to do.  It’s not about being perfect all the time.  ENJOY LIFE!

Set a Trigger for You to Exercise. A great trigger is to pack your gym bag and have it waiting in the front seat of your car or by the door each morning.  It may be that you exercise first thing in the morning.

It feels great to have accomplished something big first thing. You may also want to get an exercise buddy or accountability partner.  Check in with someone about your exercise!  You don’t want to let yourself down or your exercise buddy!

Need an accountability partner?  Let me know….I’d love to be your partner.

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