Stop Dreaming! Turn Your Dreams into a Reality!

Are you someone who “wishes” for different things to happen in your life or are you someone who MAKES things happen in your life?

If you are a “wisher”, typically you have your dreams….and these wishes actually stay dreams.

Are you ready to have your dreams actually become your reality?

Setting goals so you can take action is what will get you to the reality you truly want.

For some, it’s losing 50 pounds, for others it may be to have financial and time freedom and not having to work a corporate job any longer.

Why write down goals?

You may have heard of the “Yale Goal Study”.  This was a study done with the graduates of 1953.  Twenty years after graduation, the graduates were asked if they had written down goals they wanted to achieve.  What the researchers found was 3% of the individuals who wrote down their goals had more personal wealth than the 97% who didn’t write down their goals.

Very interesting…it’s amazing what happens when you write things down instead of only thinking about them.

How do we get there?

There are some things that you can do to help you achieve these goals.

  • Make a step by step plan. Even take this a step further and write down sub-goals.  It’s important to write down EVERYTHING that it is going to take to achieve this goal.For example, let’s say you want to paint a room in your house.  You would create a list of everything that needs to happen in order for you to paint that room.
  1. Create your list of things you need to get at the store: paint, rollers, paint brushes, paint pans, ladder, plastic, tape, etc.
  2. Prep the room – remove furniture and/or cover floor and furniture, remove wall hangings, take off light switch covers, take down blinds etc.
  3. Tape the baseboards
  4. Prepare the paint and begin painting
  5. Complete painting the room with 2 coats of paint, paint trim if that is in your plan.See how specific this is!  If you are anything like me, it feels great to be able to “check off” accomplishing something!
  • Tell other people about your goals. This is a great thing to do as you get support from your family and friends.  Plus you are throwing this out to the Universe as something you want to achieve.  Let the Universe know what you want to do!  When you believe, the Universe will deliver.
  • Focus on the Good Things While Achieving the Goal. Remind yourself of the good things associated with the goal. There will always be bumps in the road to achieve your goals and these bumps may distract you.  Focus on the positive!Make a checklist of how GREAT your life will be when you achieve your goals.

    Keep the negative thoughts at bay.  Remember what you think is what you attract.

    When you focus on the positive, you will attract the positive.

  • Reward Your Progress! This one is important! Remember those sub-goals.  When you start achieving those sub-goals over and over…it’s time for a reward.  Now, does that mean you get a reward with EVERY sub-goal.  Probably not.  At the same time, if it’s a big sub-goal – it’s reward time.What makes a BIG sub-goal?  Let’s look at weight loss.  Let’s say you have a big goal to lose 50 pounds.  You’ve broken the big goal up into a sub-goal of losing 10 pounds a month.  And one of your sub-goals is to exercise 4 days/week for 30-45 minutes each session.

    Let’s say you achieve this exercise goal for 1 month!  It’s time to have a reward!  Now this reward should be something that will benefit your exercise.  Maybe it’s a new workout outfit, new music on your playlist, or some new shoes.  Give yourself a pat on the back with a reward…you deserve it!

  • Record Your Progress! This is a life-changer!  Writing things down will make a big difference for you as it has a much greater impact when you see things in writing.  It’s too easy to “think” that you are getting things accomplished.  Days and weeks can fly by and we don’t even realize it.  When you see it on paper, that’s when you know.

I hope these tips helped you get more real with your goals!

If you are ready to take charge of your health because you want more energy, better sleep, weight loss, or more confidence – it’s time to contact me and let’s get started!  Schedule the 30-minute complimentary call.  Let’s get you on the right track.


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