I Can’t & I Won’t Do That!

Do these words ever come out of your mouth when it comes to exercise?  Or really anytime?

It doesn’t have to be this way with exercise.  Sure, there are exercises that are harder or put you into positions that are more difficult.  The great thing is…everything can be modified.

I have 2 great stories on how “I can’t” got turned around into “I’ll try and modify.”  And they had fantastic results!

Story #1
One of my clients says he doesn’t like to do exercises on the floor because it’s too hard to get back up.  What I told him is, floor exercises are very important to his exercise plan then because he can’t get up.

Of course, he was perplexed by that as he doesn’t like the exercises because they are hard and it’s too hard to get up off the floor.  He actually said he won’t do them.

“I won’t” doesn’t go very far especially if it’s because you “don’t like the exercise.”

Immediately my first thought was, he really needs these exercises because he is not strong enough to actually get off the floor.  Realize this is a devastating thing to have happen to you!

When we spoke more, that was exactly it…he had a hard time getting up off the floor.  It really had nothing to do with the exercise.

Realize….everything can be modified to fit your needs!  Always have open communication with your trainer!

How did we modify?

Perform the exercises by a bench or chair.  When you are finished, you use the chair or bench to help you up.  Now you are training your body to become stronger, so you can easily get off the floor.  My client thought this was a brilliant idea and he became more open to doing the exercises.

Again….why is this a big deal?  Think about it…if you trip and fall, you want to be able to get up off the floor easily so YOU CAN GET UP.  Not all people have the secure feeling of being able to get off the floor.

As you get older, you want to be able to activities of daily living…plain and simple.

Story #2
One of my clients is so happy she started working out with weights again.  It truly had been a long time.  Now, this client needs to lose around 50 pounds and she has a hard time squatting down or doing lunges.

This client is willing to try anything within reason!  Meaning….let’s modify the exercise so she can do!  That is the best client.  She is always willing to try.

Of course, squats and lunges are an important part of strengthening your lower body.  And YES, my client has issues with her knees.

Guess what…she still does the squats and lunges, however, modified for her!  She goes down to what is comfortable for her and if she needs to use a chair or bench for balance, she does.

Why are squats and lunges important?

Think about it….Do you sit on the toilet?  Do you sit on a chair or couch?  You need to be able to get off of these things!

My client has amazing feedback and a new love for squats and lunges!

It was so exciting when she told me she “bounded up the stairs”.  She couldn’t remember the last time she actually bound up anything!  How cool is that?  I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Remember this…

Henry Ford said it best – “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”

Note…when you say “I can’t”….you are really saying you don’t want to and there is no option to even try.

Let’s work on getting “I can’t or I won’t” out of your vocabulary!  Modify everything!

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