A 31 Day Health Challenge

Welcome to the New Year!  Are you looking to lose weight, get more fit, tone up, have your clothes fit better, improve your blood work scores, have more strength, build your confidence, or learn to love you?  Whatever it is…this challenge will help you get started in the right direction.

The resolutions will come and go, however many of them will only last a few hours to days or maybe a few weeks.  Yep, being a bit pessimistic, however, been around many people with great intentions to watch them fall into their same trap.  Heck, I’ve had “resolutions” I was going to do and didn’t keep either.  It’s a matter of priority, that’s all.

I’ve always been one to talk about taking baby steps when it comes to getting healthy.  We are already in overload when it comes to life!  Between the family, kids, career, and this thing called life, you can make living a healthier lifestyle easier than it looks!  Hence the baby steps!

Here is a 31 Day Challenge for you.  Quite honestly, you don’t have to only do this in January.  You can do this challenge ANYTIME!  Just get started!

Here is the Challenge:

The first thing to do is to set your SMART goals.  Setting specific goals will help you reach your goals faster and easier.  Be realistic with yourself.

Click here to learn how to set SMART goals.

This one may sound so easy, however, it is one people have a hard time with. Drinking at least 64 oz of water/day will aid with weight loss.  Many people think they are hungry when they are truly dehydrated!  Drink that water first to see if that doesn’t quench what you are needing.

Now experts are saying to drink at least 50% of your body weight in water! So a great start is 64 oz! Need to spruce up your water intake? Add lemon, limes, strawberries and other fruit to give the water amazing taste.  If you want an electrolyte drink, contact me as I have a much healthier version for you.

This is a HUGE one for weight loss.  Make sure you are getting quality sleep at night.  Thinking you can live on 4-5 hours of sleep isn’t going to get you to your weight loss goals.  Sleep is where your body repairs itself.  When you are sleeping.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’s time to keep a diary on what is going on.  Maybe you need to delegate projects around the house to other family members, reduce tv time, organize how often you go to the grocery store, etc.  Whatever you have to do to, come up with a plan to get the minimum 7 hours of sleep/night.  Your body and brain will thank you.

This challenge is to do 3 sets of 12 squats today.  Do whatever type of squat you’d like.  There are regular, goblet, sumo squats, plie squats…..take your pick and do 3 sets of 12 reps.  Sitting for an hour?  Get up and do a set of squats.  Watching tv?  During a commercial, stand up and so a set of squats!

Today’s challenge is to watch the added sugar.  Read your food labels and see how much sugar is in a product!  Your eyes may be opened.  According to the American Heart Association, women should have no more than 25g/day and men 38g/day!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you start cutting back on sugar.  Your taste buds WILL adjust and you actually like it better.

Meal prepping or meal planning for the week will bring you great success with weight loss.  Here is a great video about meal planning vs. meal prepping.  Do what works for you! Watch the video.


3 Sets of Lunges for today!  Variety is the spice of life so you can to do front lunges, side lunges, back lunges, or curtsey lunges.   Make sure you keep your knees aligned with your toes keeping your knee between your ankle and toes.  Go down to what is comfortable for you!

We spend too much time in front of the tv and end up mindlessly eating food.  Eat at the table with your family and friends.  Put on some music instead and enjoy the company of your family!  Obviously, a great time to connect to find out about each other’s day!

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, now is the time to start writing things down to see what you are eating!  If you want to GET REAL with yourself, this will do it.  And yes…write everything down.  How do you expect to have things change is your aren’t writing it down.  In essence you are lying to yourself.  Really…you want to do that?  Use what works for you.  If it’s a physical journal or an app on your phone.  Use what works best for you!

How cluttered is your refrigerator?  Now is the time to start reading the food labels and getting rid of the condiments with too much sugar.  Also, get rid of food that has expired or you just won’t eat!  When your refrigerator is organized, you’ve opened the door for your eating to be more organized!  Trust me on this one!

One of my favorites!  Dancing is a fun and great way to burn calories.  Act like nobody’s watching and start jammin’!  Play music while getting dinner ready.  Get your dance moves on!  Burn those calories!


Get outside with Mother Nature.  She will help clear your brain.  Breathe in the fresh air.  Stressed day…the best thing you can do is put on your walking/running shoes and get outside for even 10-15 minutes.  Go for a walk to clear your head.  You will thank you and so will your family.  Mother nature provides so many great benefits to our health.

As Americans, we do not get enough fiber in our diets. So today, get more fiber. Fiber helps your digestive tract work optimally.  For men:  30-38g/day; women: 25g/day.  Fruit, veggies and beans are great choices for getting more fiber in your diet.


This is one of my favorites! It is easy to get distracted these days with so many notifications, email alerts, social media, our kids, spouses, etc. Typically we can’t get rid of our family, however, you can turn off notifications for our digital life! When you reduce or turn off your notifications you will find your life changes FOR THE BETTER! Give it a try. You may like it! Only check notifications at certain times during the day. It’s OK if people have to wait for a response! Yes, I know…it really is OK!

Fruits and veggies provide so many healthy nutrients for our body. Along with the fiber they provide. If you have a sugar addiction (which we all mainly do), fruit is a great way to satisfy that addiction. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Sit much at your job? Many people do. Set a timer on your phone or computer for each hour. Take 1-2 minutes (yes you have the time), to get up and stretch. Take a small walk around the office. Do a set of lunges or squats. GET MOVING. Sitting is becoming the new smoking! Our bodies are made to move.

Add more protein into your diet. If you find yourself hungry all the time, add more protein at each meal. Even your snacks. You will feel full longer and may find this helps you eat less food throughout the day.  Great protein sources:  lean meats, cheese, eggs, seeds, quinoa, oats, yogurt, peas, almonds, etc.


Now is the time to use your fitness tracker! Make sure you are getting in your 10,000 steps for the day. If you are new to exercise and 10,000 seems too much, strive for 6,000-8,000 steps and work your way up to 10,000.


Today, get in 10 push-ups!  Great upper body exercise.  Modify the exercise if needed.  Use the wall, a bench, on your knees or whatever it takes to do some push-ups.  Most people should be able to do them.  You’ve got this!


Letting our minds settle down in our busy life is a great thing. Many people don’t think they have 10 minutes a day for them…it’s about priorities again. Sometimes you have to put yourself first (it’s ok ladies to do that).

Take the time to just sit, and let your mind relax.  Maybe start with a couple minutes to start if 10 minutes seem too long.  You can do it!

Pretty simple.  Did you workout today?  Today…do some kind of workout! This is a Monday Challenge.  Always start the week out right with a workout!

If you are not seeing the results you are getting from your workouts….then it’s time to give me a call.  Let’s talk to see if we are a great fit for each other.

Exercising to music is a great way to stay motivated during your workout. Find music that gets you moving! There is nothing better than when a great song comes on. I want to start dancing and it pumps up my weights or cardio.


This one may be hard for some people as they are doing work before going to bed. Well guess what? The bed is not a place to be doing work. Take that to a desk or table. Save the bed for sex and sleep!! Is your phone your clock? Set your phone on a dresser or another location other than next to your bed. This way you are not checking those “notifications”. Really, people can wait.

Give your body a break from alcohol. Take a day (or 2 off). If weight loss is a goal for you, of course it’s ok to have alcohol in moderation. Define that moderation. Everyday alcohol will slow down your weight loss goals. Not saying to completely give it up, however, if you truly want to lose weight and body fat, the alcohol must be decreased.

Do you eat out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner every day? Today,  instead of eating out today, eat breakfast at home, take a healthy lunch to work and make dinner at home.  PLAN ahead! When you plan, you will succeed!  Plus you’ll be saving money this way.


Time to get your plank on!  Time for 5 – 30 second planks today.  You can do them all at once with a break in-between each plank or do the planks throughout the day.  You win either way!


Unfortunately, processed foods have a TON of salt in them. Too much salt may lead to hypertension in some people. According to the American Heart Association, 2300mg of salt/day or less is best. It’s important to read food labels and look at the per serving amounts! Instead of salt, add pepper and other seasonings to improve the taste of your food.

One of my favorites. Another great way to help you relax.  Give yourself the gift of a massage.  You deserve to take this time for you.



Yes, reading food labels is important! And that goes for what you are drinking as well. Cut back or totally give up that sugary drink for today. You may be pleasantly surprised. Try an unsweetened green tea, water, or other favorite. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite drink instead. It’s for ONE day!


Do you ever feel stiff in the mornings when you wake up? One thing that will help is stretching before going to bed. You can do stretches on your bed or beside your bed. 100% guarantee…you will feel better!


Yep…had to throw this one in there! The burpee challenge. 10 burpees for today.  Add a push-up when you get to the plank position if you want to add more of a challenge!  Do what works for you!


As you can see, small changes each day can lead to big changes for you.  Who’s in for taking baby steps?

If you are not happy with your current exercise routine or not seeing the results you’d like.  Let’s talk.  Set up your time here.  We’ll see if we are good fit for each other.  You’ll also walk away with an exercise plan that works for you.  Click here to schedule. 

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