Self-Love. Are You Doing This?

How much self-love do you give yourself?


It is amazing how people talk to themselves.  Have you ever really listened to how you talk to you?

“I’m fat”, “I don’t like _______”, “I am not good enough for ______” etc.

Think about it…would you say what you say to you, to your best friend?  Most likely – NO!

February is HERE!  Self-Love is the theme for February!  We all could use a little self-love.

Unfortunately for women, this is an easy one to ignore.

There is something different about this challenge and it’s not JUST writing in a journal.  Watch the video or read until the end to see the POWERFUL bonus that will make a huge shift for you!

Not everybody likes the video version.   Here is the shortened version…..

How many of you do a gratitude journal each day?  Or do you use an app on your phone to write down what you are grateful for?  How do you express gratitude?

Why is it important to even do this?

First, it helps us focus on the positive things that are going on in our lives!  Positiveness works as an anecdote to negativity.  It also protects us from cynicism, entitlement, and resignation.

Take a few minutes each morning to start your day with gratitude.  Maybe it’s during a meditation or when you are physically writing in your journal.  I know I can be grateful even during my workouts first thing.  (Yep, I need to work on actually writing more things down).

Here is the challenge…..

  • Each day, come up with 5, yes 5, things you love about YOU! Nobody else but YOU!

Now for the bonus to help you make the huge shift!

  • Write down 3 things that you are proud of today – that YOU did! It’s time to focus on YOU!
  • Write down 1 thing you learned new today. We all learn something new every day.  If you’d not….we’ll let’s talk then.

Looking forward to hearing how this makes a difference in your life this week!

Remember, I’m always here for you! Let’s connect and you on your journey to healthier living! Get yourself scheduled today! 

In case you missed last month’s challenge!  Keep reading….

One of my passions when coaching others to a healthier lifestyle, is for you to take baby steps to healthier living.  When you take baby steps, great things happen over time.  If you don’t make any different changes, guess what…nothing changes.

In January, I offered a 31-day challenge. Each day there was a small change you could make to work towards healthier living.  Check out the blog post here.

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