How to Practice Self-Love

Everyday should be a self-love day!   Unfortunately, loving ourselves is one of the hardest things to do!

It doesn’t matter what day or month it is….practice self-love!

The first week is all about YOU!  It’s about what you love about YOU!

In my last blog, the love opportunity for the week was to write down daily:

  • 5 things you LOVE about YOU
  • 3 things you are proud of that you did that day
  • 1 new thing you learned about YOU!

At the end of 5 days, you have 25 things you LOVE ABOUT YOU!  YES, you can do this!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised what you come up with.  Check out the blog just on this week…

You are not alone with your thoughts right now with the first love opportunity.  I actually know what you are thinking!  “There is no way!”

When this challenge was posted on social media, I did get some interesting responses.  The most common response was:  “this is going to be really hard.”  It’s hard because people are not used to giving themselves compliments.

We’re so accustomed to tearing ourselves down. That’s the issue!  We need to practice more self-love!  Think about what you say to yourself when looking in the mirror.  Would you say those things to your best friend?  Most likely not!

The first thing you should say to yourself while looking in the mirror and into your eyes:  “I love you”.  Tell yourself how much you love yourself.

For the rest of the month….the self-love opportunities aren’t quite as daunting.

Week 2:
  • Express gratitude to 3 people who have helped you or changed your life.
    • Expressing gratitude to others raises your vibration. You will start feeling better about you when you give love to others.  Being grateful helps to bring you happiness.
Week 3:
  • Write down a challenge you have overcome. How has this impacted your life?  Write down all of the positive things that have happened to you since you overcame this challenge.
    • You may amaze yourself with what you have accomplished by overcoming a challenge! You may not even realize all that it took to overcome something.  No matter how small or big the challenge was…you overcame it and you should be proud of yourself.
Week 4:
  • Look at your health….what is good right now about your health (what do you like about your body)? What would you like improve with your health?
    • It’s easy to focus on the negative things about our health (because then we get to start that negative self-talk). We love being hard on ourselves.

Write down things about your health, not some part of your body you don’t like.  Unless you can CHANGE that part of your body….skip writing it down.

  • Start out with the list of things that are great about your health. Write down everything!  Some examples:  My hair is beautiful, my blood work is in perfect range, my face is radiant, my smile is stunning and lights up a room, I love I can go hiking and feel exhilarated, my legs are strong, my body is strong.  You get the point.
  • Some examples of what to improve on: I can eat less unhealthy snacks so I can reach my 10 pound weight loss goal, I can drink less soda/pop/alcohol so I can get better sleep that I desire, I am ready to commit to losing 10 pounds (and only say this if you are actually ready), or I can improve on my exercise habits to 3-4 days/week because I love the way exercise makes me feel.
  • Take your list to the next level and create SMART goals with them. Click here to read about setting SMART Goals.

Are you ready for the Self-Love Monthly Challenge?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this challenge.  Comment below.

If you’d like to learn more about Mindset, check out this blog with my friend Dr. Shelley Nash.


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