Let Your Alarm Clock Change Your Workout


Let your alarm clock ROCK your Work Out!

Who would think your alarm clock could help your workout? This may be one of the greatest workout tips you’ll get to help with motivation.

You are ready and motivated to start your exercise program and you’ve decided you’re getting up first thing in the morning to workout.  Let’s say….4:45am it is!  Because you are looking for success, you choose this time of day because it’s going to work best for you.

With technology today, most people use their phone as their alarm clock, so why not use it to our advantage?

Day 1 and 4:45 am rolls around. The alarm goes off and you see – ALARM!  And SNOOZE!  What are your first thoughts?  You want to get out of bed, yet…  SNOOZE sounds pretty awesome….

It’s dark outside, you’re cozy in your bed, and wouldn’t it be more fun to just stay in bed all tucked in and continue to hit snooze?  I know, some days…yes.

How can we make getting out of bed easier for that morning workout?

Let’s look at the word ALARM.

Now, what if your alarm clock could be your motivator in the morning instead of a de-motivator?

What is demotivating is the word “alarm.”  It is our reminder to get up and most people set a buzzer type sound to wake up.  It’s not a very pleasant experience.

Let’s talk about how to change that!


Did you know you can change the “label” on your “alarm?”

Instead of “alarm” appearing when you first wake up, change the “label” to something motivating.

Now you have the alarm set for 4:45 and you see

  • “I am a workout powerhouse”
  • “Love working out in the morning”
  • “ Working out makes me feel powerful and strong”
  • “Let’s Rock Today”

Now THAT is much more motivating to see first thing than “alarm.”  Don’t you think?

Also, pick one of your favorite workout type songs to be your “alarm.”  Instead of a beeper or “sound,” get motivated with a great workout song! It’s a great way to start the day.  Get your feet tapping while you are in bed.

These simple little tricks can make a HUGE change in your perception towards getting up to exercise first thing.  Your mind already sees something positive as you start your day and gets you motivated for your workout.  Getting up will be much easier.  Isn’t that a great way to start?

Now, you’ve got a positive affirmation and a workout in and it’s only 6 am.  For most people, working out in the morning is the best time because you get the workout over with and now it’s already done!  Nothing else can get in the way.


If you struggle with finding time to work out, or want fast and effective workouts in the convenience of your own home we need to talk.  You can message me, use the contact form on my website or email me at janis@JanisRThornton.com.  It’s time for you to feel great about you again.  Click here to schedule your Wellness Consult.

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