Travel and Exercise Tips

These travel and exercise tips will help you whether you are traveling for business or pleasure because making the time to workout is very important.  When we travel, we are thrown for a loop and easily taken out of our routine.

This is where travel is great because it does get us out of our comfort zone and makes us be more creative.  Now we have new opportunities for different types of exercise.

Tips to Plan Exercise for Your Trip:

  1. As you plan your itinerary for your trip (doesn’t matter if this is a business trip or vacation), look at which days you can schedule a workout.  This workout may be hiking, a beach workout, or a long walk with added lunges, dips etc .
  2. Check with your hotel. Do they have a gym or do they associate with a gym?
  3. Are you staying at a VRBO or Air BNB? You already know you will have to either get a guest pass for a gym or bring some tubing of some sort with you.
  4. Make your action plan.

Ask Yourself:  “If I had to fit my workout in while traveling, how would I do it?

You may come up with something like:

  • “I’d get up early before my meeting to get my workout in”
  • “I like to run outside so I’ll check with concierge to see about running trails in the area or I can walk/jog around the parking lot.  (Yes, I had a friend do this for 1 week straight as she was on her business trip.  She loved to run and this was her only option.
  • “I’ll take tubing with me so I can workout in my room before the day starts.


You schedule your trip with an itinerary each day.  It’s easy to schedule your workouts in also.

Let’s say you know you are going to be short on time with your workouts, choose strength training.  You get more bang for your buck!

Why Exercise While Traveling?

  1. Decreases your stress level.  Even when you are on vacation.
  2. Keeps you on your training schedule and routine. When we travel we have a tendency to fall out of our routine.  When we come back from vacation, it can be even harder to get back into the schedule.  It’s ok if your workouts look different than when you are at home.  It’s nice to have variety.
  3. Keeps you in better rhythm when you get home. Many people take weeks to get back into their exercise routine.  You’ve been working hard, let’s keep that momentum.

How To Pack:

This one is quite obvious.  Yes, you need to pack workout clothes and your workout shoes.  That may mean one of your pairs of dress shoes stays home.  Ladies…I know you can wear 1 pair of shoes twice!

2 Day Rule:

This one is a great rule, even with travel.  Make sure you are not going 2 days without a workout.  This keeps you more accountable.  I use this all the time…even when it’s a beach vacation!

Exercises for the Hotel Room or Air BNB:

Sometimes the hotel gym just isn’t up to par or you don’t have access to a gym.

Here are some great exercises that do not need equipment:

Glute Bridges
Leg Lifts
Jumping Jacks
Dips (on chair or edge of bathtub).
Take the stairs
Walk everywhere

Tubing or a TRx do not take up much space in your suitcase and can be used in your hotel room.

If you are traveling with a long layover, you can even workout at some airports!  Check out for a listing.

Hope this helps give you great ideas on exercising while you travel.  Let me know what you think! If you are looking for workouts that you can do while traveling and not sure what to do, let’s connect.  My workouts will be for you!  Click the buttons at the top of the page to schedule a time to chat.



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