Do You Have a Diet Mentality or Health Mentality?

Do you have a DIET Mentality or Health Mentality? One stalls your success and one frees you for complete success. Which one do you want?

Let’s look at the words Diet and Health.

  1. Breakdown the word D I E T. The first 3 letters spell DIE.
  2. Now, look at H E A L T H and its first four letters. Those letters spell HEAL.
Which mentality do you WANT to focus on and which mentality do you ACTUALLY focus on?  Because there IS a difference. First, admit which way you focus.  Look at the list for the DIET Mentality.  If you have even ONE of the items on this list, you have a DIET mentality.  If you’d like to get to the Health Mentality, then you need to be willing to make some changes.

Diet Mentality #1: Food Is the Enemy

Many people label foods “good” and “bad”.  When you start to do this, this is where food becomes the enemy.   It’s time to let go of those labels. Besides heavily processed foods and foods you can’t read the ingredient list, there really isn’t “good” and “bad” foods. Food is good.  When you are eating lean meats, fruits and veggies, even bread (yes I said it) and desserts in balance….life is great!  Yes, even dessert is good! This isn’t to brag, it’s to show you about having a HEALTH mentality. What if I told you I eat some type of dessert EVERYDAY and when I’m out at a nice restaurant I have a nice dessert, and I NEVER feel guilty about eating it.  Yep, never guilty. How can I get by with not feeling guilty about eating dessert?  First, I choose desserts that are high quality.  If I’m going to eat the calories, the dessert is going to be AMAZING.  And I always ask myself, “are these calories worth it.” If it’s not a definite YES, it makes it easier to pass.  I also share the dessert.  When you eat the dessert slowly and truly enjoy the dessert, you only need a few bites anyway and you will be completely satisfied. When I’m at home, my dessert is Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate covered Almonds.  I eat 3 after dinner.  I’ve figured out 3 is the perfect amount when you eat them slowly.  My sweet tooth is completely satisfied.  The other trick I use is to take 3 almonds out of the container and then put the container away!  When out of sight, out of mind.

Diet Mentality #2: My Bad Habits

Do you say the glass is half full or half empty?  When you start thinking positive, you think about the great things you’re doing.  When you focus on only bad habits, that’s when it’s hard to change.  We love to criticize ourselves and it’s easy to get down on ourselves about the negative things we do. Focus on the great things you are working on to make positive changes.  Start re-wiring your brain to think positively.  Check out this article on rewiring your brain.  The TED Talk is also available in the link’s blog post.

Diet Mentality #3: Things I am doing TEMPORARILY

Health is not a seasonal thing.  Health is a lifelong journey.  When we plan to exercise for a wedding, graduation, or a vacation; that is when we get into BIG trouble. Start focusing on your health as a lifelong journey.  Do you plan on living to the age of 70, 80 or longer?  If you only worry about the next 30 or 60 days, that doesn’t take into account for the rest of your life. You have a choice…make time for wellness or make time for illness.  There is a 100% guarantee.  Wellness is a lot LESS expensive and time-consuming than illness.  Choose wisely.

Diet Mentality #4: What I Don’t Like About Myself

It is so easy to focus on all of the negative things about ourselves.  I bet you can rattle off 10 things you don’t like about your body or yourself and this would be easy.  What if we flip that around and now rattle off 10 things you LOVE about your body and yourself.  That’s the challenge because most people can’t come up with 10 amazing things about themselves. Other people can come up with 10 great things about you.  It’s hard to give ourselves compliments.  Realize you are not bragging, you are confident and providing self love when you say great things about yourself. Learning to love yourself is one of the most important things you can do.  We are not perfect and THAT’S OK.  Click here to learn more about self-love.

Diet Mentality #5: The Scale

Enough can’t be said about how negative the scale can be.  Especially when you weigh each and every day.  There are so many factors that will fluctuate your weight.  How much water did you drink, your hormones, what did you eat yesterday, and the list goes on and on. The number on the scale does not define you!  Especially if you are strength training.  Staying away from the scale is imperative.  Focusing on how your clothes fit, your energy level, your blood work, how you sleep, etc. Check out this video I did on THE SCALE.

Diet Mentality #6: A Finish Line

This is similar to “Things I’m doing Temporarily”.  You see a “finish line” and then you get to stop working out.  There is NO finish line with healthy living.  Living a healthier lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint. When you work with me, we talk a lot about baby steps.  When you make small changes each day, you will have much greater success.  We focus on the positive things you do each day…not the negative. I can promise you this…when you start making small changes each day, making the healthier choices, you will LOVE the way your body feels. When you put junk into yourself, you will notice.  You will notice you feel bloated, fatigued, brain fog and more.  You have to decide which way you like living.


Health Mentality #1: FOOD AS FUEL

Love the healthy foods that you put into your body.  Your body is your temple and your Grandma was right, “You are what you eat”.   There are so many AMAZING healthy recipes for all meals; including desserts.  It’s just changing the mindset on what we think about food. Food is there to fuel us and make us feel great.  When you truly listen to your body and how it feels when you eat different things, you learn what foods your body needs and doesn’t need. Let’s use me as an example.  I LOVE ice cream, however, ice cream doesn’t love me.  When I eat ice cream, I feel bloated and my stomach hurts.  Unfortunately, I don’t eat a lot of ice cream.  For me, I have quite a few dairy products my body doesn’t like. It’s a choice…do I want to feel bloated and have my stomach upset or do I want to eat the ice cream?  Typically, I choose to not eat the ice cream.  It’s taken quite a long time to come to that realization.  Do I like it?  NO!  I LOVE ice cream.  However, I like to feel good.  I’ve decided it’s not worth it anymore. This philosophy goes with all foods.  Fuel your body with what makes you feel great and energized, not bloated and having an upset stomach.

Health Mentality #2: MY GOOD HABITS

Again, above we talked about re-wiring your brain with positive thoughts.  When you start turning everything around to the positive, those good habits are easier to do.  You WANT to do them because you feel better. When you’ve loaded your body with junk food and unhealthy foods you don’t even realize how bad you actually feel.  You may have more aches and pains (inflammation from poor eating), sleep poorly, decreased energy.  All of this can be changed with your good habits. Again, small changes each day leads to a great healthier lifestyle.

Health Mentality #3: THINGS I’M DOING FOREVER

Like stated before, healthier living is a marathon, not a sprint.  When you think about your future and how you want to be living and feeling in the next year, 5 years, 10 or 20 years, it makes it easier to make healthier choices. It DOES matter what you do each and every day.  Will 1 day of bad eating choices hurt you?  Not really, however if you keep doing it day after day…then yes it will.  You choose.

Health Mentality #4: THINGS I WANT FOR MYSELF.

You deserve to feel great and look great.  It is not selfish to want the best for yourself.  Taking care of YOU is the most important thing because then you can take care of others.  When you feel like you are being taken care of, you will be more productive, energized, open-minded, and more.

Health Mentality #5: THE DAILY CHOICES

When the alarm goes off, it is the start of a new day! What is beautiful about a new day?  You have a fresh start to make the day great with healthier choices. If yesterday was not a great day of healthier eating, you now have a fresh start to make it better.  We are not striving for perfection, we are striving for being better than yesterday. Did you go to happy hour last night or out for lunch or dinner with not so great choices?  Well today, you get to make better choices.  It’s ok you went to happy hour! Today is a new day. Where could you improve?  Could you bring your lunch to work more often? Pack healthy snacks so you stay out of the work break room where you know there are donuts.   Do you love Starbucks and get a venti _______?  How about a tall size instead?  Just changing the size of your drink will save you a BUNCH of calories! What can you do today that will be a step toward healthier living?

Health Mentality #6: A LIFELONG JOURNEY

As its been stated in this blog post already, a healthier lifestyle is a lifelong journey, not a sprint.  When you can change your mindset about this and that there is no finish line, that is when your health journey will be successful. Stop spinning your wheels.  Take charge of your health and let’s connect.  Click here to schedule a wellness chat.  Let’s figure out what will work best for you!

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