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HIIT Workouts Are Effective

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workouts are fast and effective for burning calories and fat.  There are times you can use equipment and times you only use your body weight.  This particular workout focuses on your body weight only.  Remember, HIIT workouts can be done LOW IMPACT.  These are more intense, lower-impact workouts, yet that’s what you want.

Here is the Exercise Demo Video:

The Exercises:

Jumping Jacks:  We all know how to do jumping jacks.  You can spruce up your jack with arms crossing in front or you can do them low-impact.  Step quickly side to side.

Skater’s Lunge: Step or jump to the right, bringing left leg behind you.  Touch right hand to floor.  Repeat to other side.

Alternating Reverse Lunge with Front Kicks: I love this exercise as it works so much of your legs and glutes along with BALANCE!  You can add dumbbells here for added resistance.

Step back with right leg, bending left leg to 90° angle.  Step back far enough, while keeping your left knee between your toe and ankle.  Come back to standing and kick your leg in front.  Repeat on other side.  12 reps/side.

Alternating Side Planks: Start in Plank position.  Turn body to side raising arm straight up.  Back to plank and then to other side.  Keep repeating.

Squat with Side Kicks: Squat as if you are sitting into a chair.  Watch your knees so they are going the same direction as your toes.  Squat down to what is comfortable to you.  Watch the demo video as you do not have to go past parallel!    When you stand, squeeze your glutes.  Step to the side and do a side kick and kick on the other side.  That is 1 rep.  Repeat.


Each exercise has a set amount of time. See picture above.
Rest 10 seconds between exercises. Complete 1 round (all 5 exercises) and rest 45 seconds. Complete 6 rounds. You can add weights or bands where needed and for extra resistance.

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