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Circuit Training – Effective Weight Loss

Circuit Training is an effective way to aid with your weight loss.  Building strength and muscle increases your metabolism and this is vital as we get older. 

Our balance is a very important piece to the aging puzzle.  Really think about it…you don’t want to be one of those people using a walker or shuffling your feet so you get around.  Shuffling is only good in dancing!

This is a great circuit to do at home.  Take a look at the demo video (1 minute long) and the descriptions of the exercises are below.

Circuit Training Demo Video


Chest Press:
Roll out on ball.  Keep butt squeezed.  Form a 90 degree angle with the dumbbells.  Press toward the ceiling, exhaling as you press up.  Lower dumbbells down and repeat.  Do 10-12 reps
Curtsy Lunge with Lateral Raise:
Dumbbells in hand.  Step to the right bringing left leg behind you as if you were going to curtsy.  Lower down.  Step to the left.  Come back to center and do a lateral raise.  Raise dumbbells out to side to shoulder level and lower.  This is ONE rep.  Repeat for 12 reps.
Tricep Pushback to Plank:
Bend at the hips keeping back straight, squeeze abs and glutes tight.  Bring elbows behind you.  Movement is at the ELBOWS, not shoulders.  Extend arms behind you.  Squeeze the back of your arm (the tricep).  Bring dumbbell back to starting position. 

Lower self down to a full plank.  Squeeze abs and gluten.  Step back to standing and repeat with pushback to plank.

This is a controlled movement.  Be deliberate with each movement.

Side Lunge/Shoulder Press:
Take a wide step side to side.  Make sure knee is moving in the same direction as your toes.  Lower down to what is comfortable for you. 

Lunge left and right.  Back to center, press arms above head.  Keep a slight bend in the elbows.  Palms can be facing forward or facing each other.  Lower arms down to side.  Lunge left, right, and shoulder press is 1 rep.

Reverse Curls:
Lie on back, feet up in the air.  Place hands under hips for support.  Raise feet toward the ceiling, lifting butt off the floor.  Repeat. 

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