HIIT Workout for Fitness Results

HIIT Workout for Fitness Results

If you are short on time, a HIIT workout is a great workout for you.  Don’t let the words High-Intensity freak you out.  All exercises can be modified to fit your needs.  The biggest thing is you try the exercises and make them work for you.

Try this HIIT workout today!

Exercise Demonstration

Exercise Direction:

Jumping Jacks:
We all know what a jumping jack is.  If you need to modify this, take out the “jumping part” and step side to side quickly.  Still move your arms as if you are doing a jumping jack.

Jump to Wide Squat:
Jump in air, when landing, have feet wider than shoulder width.  Have knees track the same direction as your toes.  Jump back to starting position with feet together.

To lower the impact, step to the right to a wide squat, back to center and repeat on the left.  Make sure your knees track the same direction as your toes.

Skater’s Lunge:
Jump side to side bringing 1 leg behind you as if you are skating.  If you need to modify, take the jump out and step side to side.  Touch the ground with your hands as you skate.

Mountain Climbers:
Get in high plank position.  Quickly alternate bringing knees to chest.  Do this for an allotted time.

Standing Toe Touches:
Stand, raise 1 leg in air and touch your hand to your toes.  Alternate to other side. Concentrate on squeezing your abs while you do this.  Keep repeating for allotted time or number of reps.

Push-Ups: Modified shown in the video
Get in plank position.  Hands below shoulders.  Lower full body towards the floor and press up.

Place knees on the floor.  When lowering your body down, make sure you are moving at the elbows and keeping your body straight.

You can also do pushups against a table or wall to take pressure off hands, wrists, elbows, etc.  When your modification becomes easy, make sure you are going into a more challenging push-up position.

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