leg tabata

Leg Tabata Training

Leg Tabata Training

Leg Tabata training will give you those sexy legs we all want and desire.

You will want an exercise band for this exercise.  To order the bands I have in the video, click here.  What I love about the bands I’m using is they don’t ride up, fold, or dig into your legs when you are using them.  They are VERY comfortable!

Exercise Demo


Alternating Side Lunges:
Dumbbells in hands, take a large step to right (wider than shoulder width).  Push back to standing through the foot.  Step to the left.  This is 1 rep.  Repeat for number of reps.

Plié Squats:
Standing with feet wider than shoulder width.  Dumbbells in front of you.  Lower yourself down.  When standing, squeeze your glutes.

Side Walks:
Place bands just above knees.  Squat down slightly and start stepping to the right.  Down a hallway or long room works great for this.  Do all reps on 1 side and then go other direction.

Forward Walks:
Place bands above knees.  Squat down slightly and start stepping forward alternating feet.  Walk forward 4 steps and backward 4 steps.  Repeat.

Alternating Reverse Lunges:
Place dumbbells in hands.  Step back with right foot lowering body down.  Make sure the left knee is between the ankle and toe.  Alternate sides.

Tabata Directions

Use a timer for this workout.  You will do 5 rounds for each exercise.  Each exercise is 20 seconds with a 10 second rest.  After you complete the first exercise 5 times, rest for 45 seconds.  Start the 2nd exercise and continue.  You’ll LOVE this workout.

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