Strength Training at it’s Best

Strength training as a timed workout

Strength training has so many great options to help you get the results you are looking for.  AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) are a GREAT way to help you get your results.  You set your workout for as long as you want it to be.  Since this a timed workout, you can set it for 20-25 minutes and be WORN OUT when you are finished!


Set timer for 25 minutes.  Each exercise 12-20 reps depending on the exercise.  Push-ups – do more reps.  Burpees – shoot for 12-15 reps.  Rest as needed, however do push yourself.  You are working different muscle groups with each exercise so you don’t need as much rest in-between exercises.

Do AMRAP (as many rounds as possible).  Remember, this is not a race.  You still want excellent form.

Demonstration Video:


Butt Bridges with Chest Press:
Lie on floor, feet flat, butt elevated and tight. Squeeze gluten the entire time.  Keeps hips raised.  Raise dumbbells above you.  Lower dumbbells to 90° and press back up.  Palms face forward and repeat.  Keep your body in a straight line the entire time during this exercise.  12 reps.

Alternating Reverse Lunges:
Place dumbbells in hands.  Step back with right foot lowering body down.  Make sure the left knee is between the ankle and toe.  Alternate sides.

Push-Ups (modification shown):
Get in plank position.  Hands below shoulders.  Lower full body towards the floor and press up.

Place knees on the floor.  When lowering your body down, make sure you are moving at the elbows and keeping your body straight.

You can also do pushups against a table or wall to take pressure off hands, wrists, elbows, etc.  When your modification becomes easy, make sure you are going into a more challenging push-up position.

Burpees:  (Modification shown):
Start with a jump, lower self to a low squat and hop or step back to plank.  You can add a push-up here!  Hop or step back to a low squat and jump up.  Repeat.

Raise on your toes, lower self to low squat, step back to plank and hold.  Step back to low squat, stand and raise on your toes.  Repeat.

Bent Rows:
Bend over at the hips.  Squeeze abs and glutes tight.  Raise dumbbells by side, bringing elbows back and up, squeezing shoulder blades together.  Lower weights back down. Repeat.

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