Cardio HIIT for Weight Loss

Cardio HIIT for Weight Loss

HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) are FABULOUS for burning calories.  HIIT  workouts can be done using weights or making it a cardio HIIT.  This workout is a cardio HIIT and ALL levels can participate.

Always feel free to increase your intensity with adding dumbbells or bands where you feel necessary.  Modify wherever you need to.  Everybody is at a different level.


You will need a timer for this workout.  Each exercise is 30 seconds long with a 10-second rest between exercises.  Complete 6 rounds and between each round rest for 45 seconds.  Add weights or bands where necessary.

Exercise Demo:


Side Step Squats: 
Take a wide step to the right.  Make sure knees are moving the same direction as your toes.  Squat down sticking butt out as if you as sitting in a chair.  Stand and squeeze glutes.  Repeat on other side.

Knee Drives:
Balance on right leg with arms in air.  Bring left knee up across body and drive arms down.  Repeat for time.  You will do this exercise on the other side.

Reverse Lunge/Curtsy Lunge:  
Dumbbells in hand.  Step back with the right leg.  Left leg – make sure your knee is between your toe and ankle.  Lower yourself down to a 90 degree angle.  Bring yourself back up and alternate legs for Reverse lunge.  Then go immediately into curtsy lunge.  Step to the right bringing left leg behind you as if you were going to curtsy.  Lower down.  Step to the left.

Mountain Climbers:
Get in high plank position.  Quickly alternate bringing knees to chest.  Do this for an allotted time.

Get into a high plank position or on elbows.  Squeeze abs and glutes tight while holding plank position.  

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