Full Body Tabata Workout

Full Body Tabata Workout

Full body tabata training is a fast and effective way to get a powerful strength training workout in.  Tabata training gives you quick results and can be modified for every person.

This tabata workout uses a timer.  There are 5 exercises with 6 rounds with each exercise being 20 seconds long and a 10-second rest in between sets.  Do all 6 rounds on the first exercise before moving to the next exercise.

Demonstration Video:


Plié Squat with Shoulder Press:
Stand with feet wider than shoulder width.  Knees track the same direction as your toes.  Lower yourself down, keeping your chest up.  Come back to standing and squeeze your glutes.  Press dumbbells overhead.  Palms can be facing forward or facing each other.  This is ONE rep.  Repeat squat with shoulder press.

Curtsy Lunge with Bicep Curl:
Dumbbells in hand.  Step to the right bringing left leg behind you as if you were going to curtsy.  Lower down.  Step to the left.  Come back to center and do a bicep curl.  Raise dumbbells to shoulder and lower.  You can have your palms facing upward or facing each other.  This is ONE rep.  Repeat for 12 reps.

Burpee (or modified burpee):
Modified burpee is shown in the video.  To do a burpee you start with a jump in air with arms raised above you.  Squat down and jump out to a plank.  Do a push-up.  Jump to a squatting position and stand.  Repeat.

Jump or raise on toes.  Squat down, step back into plank.  Step back or jump to squat position and stand.  Repeat.

Tricep Pushback:
Bend at the hips keeping back straight, squeeze abs and glutes tight.  Bring elbows behind you.  Movement is at the ELBOWS, not shoulders.  Extend arms behind you.  Squeeze the back of your arm (the tricep).  Bring dumbbell back to starting position.  Repeat.

For an extra tricep push:  when arm is extended, rotate palm toward ceiling.

You can get into high planks on hands or elbow planks.  Make sure to keep body in a straight line.  Squeeze abs and glutes while you are holding your plank.

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