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Full Body Workout That Brings Results

Full Body Workout with Results

Full body workouts are an effective way to get your workout in during the week and you can spend less time at the gym each week.  We all get strapped for time and many times, the workout is the first thing to go with most people.

This is where a full body workout is an excellent choice.  If you do 2-3 full body workouts each week, you’ve succeeded!

Exercise Demo:


Chest Press:
Roll out on ball.  Raise arms above you.  Lower weights to a 90° angle.  Press arms back up.  Press toward the ceiling, exhaling as you press up.  Keep abs and glutes squeezed.

Bent Rows to Plank:
Bend over at the hips.  Squeeze abs and glutes tight.  Raise dumbbells by side, squeezing shoulder blades together.  Lower weights back down.  Step down to plank position with dumbbells in hand.  Keep abs and glutes squeezed while in plank.  Step up to standing and repeat.  This is not a fast-moving exercise.  Be deliberate in each movement.

Butt Bridges/Skull Crushers:
Lie on floor, feet flat, butt elevated and tight.  Raise dumbbells above you.  MOVING AT THE ELBOW, lower dumbbells to side of head.  Raise and repeat.  Keep your body in a straight line the entire time during this exercise.  12 reps.

Plie Squat with Bicep Curl:
Stand with feet wider than shoulder width.  Dumbbells in hands in front.  Knees track the same direction as your toes.  Lower yourself down.  Stand, squeezing glutes.  Now do bicep curl – moving at the elbow and elbows on your sides.  Raise hands toward shoulders.  Lower.  Repeat plié squat and curl.  During the bicep curl your palms can face up or face each other.

Curtsy Lunge with Lateral Raises:
Dumbbells in hand.  Step to the right bringing left leg behind you as if you were going to curtsy.  Lower down.  Step to the left.  Come back to center and do a lateral raise.  Raise dumbbells to shoulder level and lower.  This is ONE rep.

You can get into high planks on hands or elbow planks.  Make sure to keep body in a straight line.  Squeeze abs and glutes while you are holding your plank.


This is a circuit workout.  You will do each exercise, 12 reps each.  Move from 1 exercise to the next with little rest.  Take rest as needed.  4 rounds.

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