Golf Stretch: Hit the Ball More Consistently

Be More Consistent with Your Golf Swing.

What golfer doesn’t want to have a consistent swing to give them consistent results with their golf game?  Of course, we ALL do!

This stretch shown in the short video below will demonstrate how to “widen your arc” and keep your arms straighter throughout your swing.  You will also be working on flexibility in your thoracic and lumbar spine.

Why do we need this?  SO WE CAN TURN!  A strong, flexible turn can help with greater distance.  Who doesn’t want to be able to hit the ball farther?

Side story…I used to have a HUGE John Daly swing, except I didn’t quite have the same distance as John.  The difference with my swing vs. John’s was:  I always dropped my hands and greatly folded my arms on my back swing.

As my husband would say, “your arms fold like a cheap chair.”  After YEARS of working on my swing and seeing a fabulous Michelle Wie video, I’ve been able to get a wider arc in my swing and keep my arms straighter (through strength training and flexibility training).   This exercise in the video below, really helps with these issues.

I’ve been able to get an extra 50-60 yards on my drives because of all of the above.  Yes, 50-60 yards! We’re talking better flexibility, straighter arms, and wider arc.

Now…the flexibility still needs even more work.  As we get older, the harder that becomes, however we must never give up! Today, at 52, I hit the ball farther than I’ve ever hit the ball…and I started golf 18 years ago.

Check out this towel drill you can easily do to practice.  You can also replace the towel with your driver or other club.  If I’m hitting poorly during my round, I grab a club and start doing this swing….trust me…you’ll start hitting better.  Who’s ready!

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