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5 Powerful Balance Exercises

Balance exercises are important for everyday life and for golf.  As we get older, we may not pay attention to what is happening to our balance.  Then…all of a sudden, we notice that we have a hard time getting up off the floor or we’re a lot more wobbly then we used to be.

I saw this all the time when I worked in cardiac rehab and when I was a pharmaceutical rep sitting in doctor’s offices all day.

For my golfers…balance is one of the key components to our golf game.  When we have great balance, we have a much better chance at hitting a more consistent golf ball. 

Think about when the announcers talk about a professional golfer and their swing.  So many times you hear them say…”look at how balanced the player is.”

These 5 exercises are great to add to your workouts throughout the week.   

Here’s the quick “how-to” video below…..

5 Powerful Balance Exercises

Bird Dog:  Get on all 4’s with hands below shoulders, and knees below hips.  Fully extend left arm and right leg.  Pause at the top and switch. Keep abs tight.  Do 6-8 reps on each side.

Standing Toe Taps: Raise your left foot off the ground, slight bend in right knee.  Tap left foot forward, side, and back.  Repeat 10 reps.  1 rep = forward, side, and back.  Repeat on other side.  Keep abs tights.

Tree Pose: Stand tall.  Place foot on either ankle area, calf, or above knee.  Do NOT put foot on your knee joint.  Raise arms overhead and hold.  Make sure you do both sides. 

Standing Clapping Abs: Balance on one leg bringing other leg up to 90 degrees.  Clap arms above head.  Crunch down and clap hands under raised leg.  Repeat for 10 reps.  1 rep = 1 clap up and 1 clap down. Repeat on other leg.

Balancing Weighted Cross Punches:  Use a lighter weight for this exercise.  Standing on 1 leg, do cross punches.  Switch sides.  Keep abs tight.

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