hamstring stretch with magic ring

Effective Hip Stretches for Golf

When it comes to the golf swing, we need flexible and mobile hips.  You may notice if your hip area is tight, your low-back is tight, because everything is connected.  If one area of your body is injured, you compensate elsewhere.  

Let’s combat this with these 4 stretches.   Your hips will  become more mobile and flexible.

Side to Side Stretch

  • Have your feet wider than shoulder width
  • Hands on your hips, lean to one side and hold, you may bend at the waist
  • Feel a stretch in your inner thighs
  • Switch to the other side.  
  • You can also put your hands on the ground and move side to side

Pigeon Stretch (from yoga)

  • Bend front leg in and straighten other leg behind you
  • Keep hips square to the front
  • Some of you may feel a stretch in your legs and hips 
  • For more of a stretch, bend over your front leg.
  • You can reach your arms as far in front of you as you like.
  • Allow your body to sink into this stretch.  Enjoy this stretch.
  • Repeat on both sides

Hamstring Stretch (with magic ring)

hamstring stretch with magic ring
  • Stretching out the hamstrings many times will release low-back tension or pain.  
  • For more of a stretch, use a magic ring, towel, or band to allow you to extend your leg even more (straighten your leg better).
  • Place one foot flat on the ground, extend other leg up and hold.
  • For more of an inner thigh stretch, bring your leg over to the side and hold.
  • Keep hips square and make sure you breathe.

Hip Flexors/Psoas Stretch/Quad Stretch

  • Foot on ground, knee at 90.  Kneel on 1 knee
  • Keep knees between ankles and toes
  • Slight lean forward (again keep knees between ankle and toes). Arms up.  Look up.  Feel a stretch in front of leg and throughout front of body.
  • More quad stretch…grab foot behind you and pull up. 
  • Raise opposite arm up.  Feel a stretch in quadricep. 

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