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17 Day Golf Road Trip

For the first time in 24 years, my husband and I are taking a significant road trip to play golf instead of flying everywhere.  The fun thing about this trip is we haven’t been to any of these locations I’ll be telling you about!


The plan is playing 10 rounds of golf in 17 days!  For those of you who don’t know…Roy and I also like to compete against each other in Matchplay.  So when I’m writing this blog, Roy is a 3-4 handicap and I’m a 5-6.  Yes, I get a couple of strokes depending on slope and rating of each course we play and which tee box we play. 


For those of you wondering…ladies don’t always play the forward tees.  I like to play “yardage appropriate tees” for my game. (More men should learn how to do this).  


We’ve been doing this competition since 2008.  We need to be out of town for “The Cup” to go up and we play at least 3 rounds of golf, all Matchplay.  


We do have a “Thornton Cup” trophy and yes it’s an actual trophy. 


The winner gets their picture taken on the 18th green of the final round and that picture gets put in a frame next to the cup so we always know who has the cup.  Well, we always know who really has the cup.  FYI…Roy is the current cup holder.


We headed from Scottsdale, AZ to Park City, UT for 5 Days.  What a beautiful drive up to Park City.  We got to see parts of AZ we have never seen before and then Utah!

We did start the tournament playing Park City Golf Club.  Very nice course and was paired with a couple from all places…Peoria, AZ.  Funny how golf does that.  You get paired up with fun couples and sometimes they live in the same state you do even when you are playing out of state.

park city golf club
park city golf club
park city golf club
park city golf club

After round 1:  Janis is up +3.

We did head into Salt Lake City for an awesome concert at the Eccles Center with Joe Bonamassa.  If you enjoy Blues guitar…you need to see Joe!


Rounds 2 and 3 were both played at Thanksgiving Point Golf Course in Lehi, UT.  Very nice course.


Round 2: Roy +1 for the Day, Janis +2 overall

Round 3:  Janis +4 for the Day, Janis +6 overall.


Remember, there is A LOT of golf left!!

Thanksgiving Point Golf Club
Thanksgiving Point Golf Club

Round 4 was played at Wasatch Park Golf Club.  Stunning course to play and we played the Lake course.  Great views with lots of wildlife to see.  We got to see a moose and baby (or maybe it was an elk). See the picture below and let me know…moose or elk…

While waiting on the 16th tee box, watched a kid fishing to have his fish taken off his hook by a hawk.  I’m sure the hawk was thanking the kid for his early lunch.  At least the kid laughed and they wished they would have caught it all on video.


Back to golf. The course is in great shape with the greens running perfect. Make sure you hit towards the 150 markers even though the marker seems to be not in the center of the fairway.  A couple of times I thought I could go a little right or left and that ended up not being a great idea.  Found some thick rough I didn’t want to be in.  Had I gone for the marker…I would have been in the fairway.  Next time!

Moose at Wasatch Golf Club Lake Course
Wasatch Golf Club
Wasatch Golf Club
Wasatch Mountain Golf Club

I played well Round 4! The funny thing about match play is you can have GREAT days and not so great days.  I happened to have a GREAT day.

I went up +8 for the day, which now makes me +14 for the tournament.  Now do realize…there is a TON of golf left to play.  We still have 6 rounds to go, and I know how good Roy is…he can turn around and have that +8 day himself (because I’ve seen him do it to me).


Thank you Park City, UT.  It was a pleasure staying at 8100’ and playing Utah golf.  I know there are many more golf courses to try next time!

Park City UT 8100'
Park City UT 8100'

Now we are headed to Coeur d’Alene, ID.  Look forward to the golf and views here.

Besides playing lots of golf, we still get our workouts in.  We have to adjust what we do, however, we are still working out. Check out my travel workout….click here.  

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