TRx for travel or home workout

Quick Travel Workout

Keeping to an exercise routine while you travel isn’t as hard as people think it is.  Especially if you are traveling by car!  There is room in your car for a few items to be able to workout to! Here is a quick workout you can do while traveling.  I used the TRx and bands for this one. 

The video is in fast motion to save time.  Please do your workout with good form, not rushing through the exercise. 

3 sets of 15 reps:

Bands:  Side Steps.  Squat down as low as comfortable for you.  Focus on your glutes as you step side to side.  This is similar to a low-impact skater’s lunge.

Go directly into squats.  At the end of your set, do 15 squat pulses.

Chest Press: 
Anchor TRx to a door jam.  Make sure the door is opening AWAY from you.  Otherwise you will open the door when you start exercising.  
Grab handles, lean forward.  Lower yourself down, then press back up. 

Rows: Flip yourself around.  Grab handles, lean back.  Pull yourself up, squeezing shoulder blades.  Squeeze abs also…get an ab workout in with the TRx. 

Overhead Triceps: Extend arms out.  Moving at the ELBOW, bend and straighten arms.  Keep handles together for better control. Abs tight, focus on your triceps.

Bicep Curls:  Flip over again.  Grab handles, lean back, curl your hands to your shoulders.  Lower and repeat. 

Fire Hydrants:  Put bands around legs just above the knees.  Get on all 4’s.  Lift leg to the side.  Keep hips square forward while lifting.  You’ll focus on your glutes more.  

Donkey Kicks: Bend leg to 90 degrees, press heels toward the ceiling.  Lift and lower.  You can add pulses at the end of each set also. 

Add in some ab exercises (not shown in the video).  If you’d like another travel workout, click here. 

If you are ready to take charge of your health, be more consistent with exercise and eating so you can reach your health goals…let’s talk!  You can send me a message through the website, email me:  janis@jtfitnessandgolf, or schedule a time for us to talk.  Click here to get scheduled! 

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