Anti-Aging Hair

Anti-Aging Hair Testimonials  

Monat is the first anti-aging hair care company that addresses hair thinning, hair loss and aging.  Through extensive clinical research, Monat has combined active botanical ingredients with state-of-the-art scientific technologies to deliver proven results!  Discover visibly longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking hair in just 90 days.

Top pictures were taken June 9, 2017; Bottom Picture taken November 5, 2017.  Products used:  Black 2-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Intense Repair Treatment and Rejuveniqe Oil

Monat works great on Ethnic hair!

1 wash using the Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and a tiny bit of blow out cream on the ends.

30 Day difference

Products used:  Intense Repair Shampoo, Intense Repair Treatment, S3 Supplements.

Alopecia anybody?

  1. Just over 30 days using MONAT Men's 2-1 shampoo and conditioner.  Hair loss caused by stress induced alopecia.


Rejuvinque Oil, Intense Repair Treatment shampoo, Intense Repair Treatment spray, and S3. She is also using Eye Wonder to grow her lashes and brows. Amazing progress!

Wanting longer, thicker lashes?  Eye wonder does WONDERS!!

Renew shampoo, masque, mousse and she loves the rejuvamist (Rejuvenique Oil is also an option). 30 days time.  Air dry and no styling!