Janis Thornton

Stop the Golf Sway

When playing golf, there is nothing more frustrating than hitting a bad golf shot.  We all want “solid contact” with each shot.  Speaking from experience, many times when I don’t have solid contact with the ball, my hips are sliding (swaying) instead of having a hip turn.  I also know when my body is tired, …

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Golf Stretch: Hit the Ball More Consistently

Be More Consistent with Your Golf Swing. What golfer doesn’t want to have a consistent swing to give them consistent results with their golf game?  Of course, we ALL do! This stretch shown in the short video below will demonstrate how to “widen your arc” and keep your arms straighter throughout your swing.  You will …

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AMRAP Workout

Ramp up your workout with an AMRAP!

Ramping Up Your Workout AMRAP workouts allow you ramp up your workouts so you can get faster results.  The nice thing about an AMRAP workout is you can adjust how much time you will spending on your workout.  AMRAP is:  as many rounds as possible. For this workout, set the timer for 25 minutes.  If …

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circuit training

Full Body Workout That Brings Results

Full Body Workout with Results Full body workouts are an effective way to get your workout in during the week and you can spend less time at the gym each week.  We all get strapped for time and many times, the workout is the first thing to go with most people. This is where a …

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Tabata Workout

A Tabata Workout We Love

Tabata Love Workout A tabata workout is one of the fastest ways to sculpt your body. A tabata workout provides metabolism-boosting power your body needs to burn more calories.  You spend less time in the gym and more time doing the things you love. Exercise Demo: Exercises Chest Press on Ball: Roll out on ball …

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Full Body HIIT Workout

Full Body HIIT Workout HIIT workouts or High Intensity Interval Training workouts effectively burn more calories for your workout.  It is easy to get stuck in our cardio routines on the elliptical, treadmill, or bike.  HIIT workouts are a great change of pace and you still build strength while doing it. I don’t know about …

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Full Body Tabata Workout

Full Body Tabata Workout Full body tabata training is a fast and effective way to get a powerful strength training workout in.  Tabata training gives you quick results and can be modified for every person. This tabata workout uses a timer.  There are 5 exercises with 6 rounds with each exercise being 20 seconds long …

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Cardio HIIT for Weight Loss

Cardio HIIT for Weight Loss HIIT workouts (high intensity interval training) are FABULOUS for burning calories.  HIIT  workouts can be done using weights or making it a cardio HIIT.  This workout is a cardio HIIT and ALL levels can participate. Always feel free to increase your intensity with adding dumbbells or bands where you feel …

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