Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

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Get your GREAT deal over the weekend! Whether you are looking for weight loss or golf fitness...this is for you.  Purchase this weekend and you have the option to wait for your start date!
Yes, it's the holidays, so get started December 30!  Start 2020 on the right foot!!

BFCM 90 Day
BFCM Golf Fit 90 Day

If you are sitting on the fence about starting an exercise program, take a listen to Julia on why she decided to join JT Fitness and Golf.

If you find yourself to be "busy" all the time regardless if you travel for work, have a corporate type job, or are a busy mom...then take a listen to Mark.  He travels for work 3 weeks out of every month!  If he can find the time, anybody can find time to workout!  Let Mark motivate you!

I'm Ready

What Is Online Personal Training?

✅Builds Your Confidence...Make friends with your favorite pair of jeans or dress.  Lose weight and feel great!

✅Learn how to love yourself as you are and work on your health as a whole.

✅Convenient for You...Workout at home or at the gym

✅A Time Saver!  Fast & Effective Workouts.

✅Keep Yourself have a personal trainer at your fingertips.

✅Progress Checks for you.  Monthly 1-1 Coaching Calls via the phone or Zoom.

✅Nutrition strategies that fit your needs.

✅Golfers - Improve your golf game with Golf Specific Workouts.

Who is Online Personal Training For?

✅Busy Executives and Travelers

✅Busy Moms

✅Someone who wants to be told what to for weights and don't have to think about it.

✅People who are intimidated by the gym

✅People doing the same thing over and over at the gym and not getting the results.

✅Golfers who want to improve their golf game.

BFCM 90 Day
BFCM Golf Fit 90 Day
at home workouts

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