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 What Is Online Personal Training?


Who is Online Personal Training For?

The 90-Day Transformation program is on SALE for 
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"I travel 3 weeks a month. Janis' workouts and process makes it easy for me to get my workouts in. I don't have to think about what I have to do. Janis provides all of that! Janis keeps me accountable and that is what I need to reach my goals."


"I love the accountability Janis gives me as she keeps me on my game. I love the physical changes I see in my body. I'm losing inches, and getting stronger physically and mentally. I had issues going up the stairs and now I can easily get up the stairs. I love Janis' program as it's easy for me to fit the workouts in at home because I have a very hectic schedule. Thank you Janis!"


"Janis is an AWESOME online virtual trainer! I signed up for her 90 day program and it was great. Her videos are easy to follow, and the instructions were clear and concise. It was such an easy to use program! I was able to quickly move through the circuit either before work or after work, which was a nice luxury vs. going to the gym! If you think you’ll go through a virtual program with no accountability... think again!!! Janis is on top of it!!! She is truly by your side every step of the way with texts to provide you support and encouragement!!! You are never left alone!!! Janis is there every step of the way! I highly recommend Janis’ program to anyone looking for results in an easy to use virtual training program. Janis is the best at what she does!! Highly recommend!!!"


"As a mom of 3 with a busy schedule going to the gym became a big challenge. When I did go, I would always do the same workout. Total Body Transformation by Janis is the perfect solution. I got to do the workouts at home saving me time. The workouts are all different which keeps me interested in working out. Janis is always available to ask questions and discuss my results. I highly recommend Janis and Total Body Transformation by Janis."


"In just 6 sessions of doing workouts from Total Body Transformation by Janis I can tell the difference. I feel stronger, have more energy, and more inner confidence. My balance for dancing has improved. Having someone to be accountable to has made the difference between doing workouts and NOT."



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