People I Highly Recommend

jen milus

While studying at the University of Maryland, Dr. Jen Milus was injured in an auto accident. This was when she discovered Chiropractic and that changed her life, that dream took her to Palmer College of Chiropractic, in San Jose, California.  There she focused her study on sports injuries, training for elite distance running, and cycling.

After graduating in December of 1993, Dr. Jen settled in Pleasanton, California with her family and set up her practice. Life consisted of running a full time Chiropractic practice in addition to being a high school team doctor, an exercise & rehab coach, a lacrosse coach, and a mother. She worked with sports injuries, work & auto injuries and the 2008 Olympic Synchronized Swimmers for strength and conditioning.

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Dr. Shelley is a Women’s Empowerment Coach and she helps women like you step into your true authentic power and create the life you desire.

She helps her clients release the limiting beliefs, fears, self-judgments and traumas that have kept them stuck for so long. Her progressive approach helps women unlock their full potential and discover their own magnificence.

She has an amazing way of helping you create your best self.  I have used Dr. Shelley myself and she helped me release blocks I didn't even know I had.  These blocks were stopping me from getting to the next level.  Now...I'm taking my businesses to new levels!  

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shawn shubert

Pleasanton, CA area:  Shawn Shubert is a highly trained massage therapist.  She has worked on many athletes from around the globe!  She is excellent at figuring out what your body needs when it comes to massage.  She specializes in myofascial release, trigger point massage, active isolated stretching, soft tissue release to deep tissue release and ultrasound therapy.

As an athlete myself, I get massages on a regular basis.  She made me feel great after we were finished.  I highly recommend Shawn!

Check out: or call her at:  510-755-2333.