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Stop the Golf Sway

When playing golf, there is nothing more frustrating than hitting a bad golf shot.  We all want “solid contact” with each shot.  Speaking from experience, many times when I don’t have solid contact with the ball, my hips are sliding (swaying) instead of having a hip turn.  I also know when my body is tired, …

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AMRAP Workout

Ramp up your workout with an AMRAP!

Ramping Up Your Workout AMRAP workouts allow you ramp up your workouts so you can get faster results.  The nice thing about an AMRAP workout is you can adjust how much time you will spending on your workout.  AMRAP is:  as many rounds as possible. For this workout, set the timer for 25 minutes.  If …

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Tabata Workout

A Tabata Workout We Love

Tabata Love Workout A tabata workout is one of the fastest ways to sculpt your body. A tabata workout provides metabolism-boosting power your body needs to burn more calories.  You spend less time in the gym and more time doing the things you love. Exercise Demo: Exercises Chest Press on Ball: Roll out on ball …

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Strength Training at it’s Best

Strength training as a timed workout Strength training has so many great options to help you get the results you are looking for.  AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) are a GREAT way to help you get your results.  You set your workout for as long as you want it to be.  Since this a …

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